PBX / Remote Base and PBX / Base Configuration

VoIP PBX Base Remote Base Configuration


It keeps getting easier to accomplish building a PBX / Remote Base.  The above method was first presented  back in 2015.  Now that we are into 2020 and now a small computer can handle the task with a couple added items that create the RF Gateway.  We will present some of the easiest ways to have the means to handle both analog and digital traffic.


… ready?

Is your RF Gateway ready?

  • Is your power source backed up?
    • Do you have a battery bank is it properly maintained?
    • Do you have a generator, do you test it weekly, monthly, “yearly?”
  • Is your Internet backed up?
    • Do you have some plan for alternate ISP (for rapid restoration of  Internet service)?
    • What about a dual WAN router that can use 3G/4G LTE or even Satellite Internet services?
  • Spares – do you have the spare parts that are needed to quickly bring  your RF Gateway back online?